Tuesday, May 23, 2017

GeoChain: API Scraping with Ballerina

Ballerina makes it easy to scrape data from other endpoints. The example below uses some of the string manipulating capabilities discussed in String Manipulation with Ballerina to scrap a piece of data from one geonames API and using it calls another.

To try out the example, first create an account with Geonames and activate free web service usage through ManageAccounts. Then run the ballerina with the command line parameters shown below,

ballerina <Geonames Username> <Country Code> <Number of Wiki hits to retrieve> 
ballerina testaccount1101 LK 20

Similarly, ballerina can be used for service chaining scenarios. Look to the Service Chaining example shipped with the distribution for more information. Find out more about Ballerina here: http://ballerinalang.org/

Note: this example was written for ballerina 0.87 and it may not work with other versions.

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